Definition of RESTLESS

1: lacking or denying rest : uneasy <a restless night>
2: continuously moving : unquiet <the restless sea>
3: characterized by or manifesting unrest especially of mind<restless pacing>; also : changeful, discontented

Definition of SOUL

1: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life
2: a person’s total self
3: the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment

Definition of RESTLESS SOUL

Well, that wasn’t exactly in my Miriam Webster dictionary, but I define it as the term my boyfriend used to describe me when we first met. I’ve come to find he was quite right…

Hey there!

Thanks for stumbling across my rambling!

My name is Kate, I’m a twenty-some pisces living in Cambridge, MA with some college girlfriends and I have a big girl job. I’ve wanted to start a blog to document my post grad life for a few months now, but I struggled to come up with a theme that would keep me interested in blogging for more than a day. Photography? Baking? Cooking? My obsession with Spain? Wine? Beer?! Too many things interest me, and I develop way too many new obsessions on a regular basis to choose just one thing to share with the blog world.

Alas, after much internal dialogue between the part of my brain that wanted to write about food and the part that wanted to write about photography, I’ve decide to embrace the dissonance: I can blog about all these passions of mine by hiding behind the fact that I am a restless soul. As harsh as it sounds, I will always be somewhat unsatisfied with my life exactly how it is at any given moment, and my soul will always be searching for the next thing to enliven it.

So join me as I post my latest photos, recipes, complaints, A ha! moments,  and more. Maybe this restless soul will even find some rest along the way!

Disfruta! (Enjoy!)

From my restless alma to yours,



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