My deepest apologies

So terribly sorry, my 12 followers!

I know it’s everyone’s excuse, but these holidays have been just crazy between work and family and traveling! But I have good  news… the only things I got for christmas are KITCHEN RELATED! Which is great, because I’ve been all kitchen-ed out after that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake I made for my dad’s 60th birthday… I’ve needed some inspiration!

Good thing I got a crockpot and an amazing KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!!

So now, my friends…I need your help.

WHAT shall I make first in my new crockpot or stand mixer?!

It’s snowy, so I’d love to make something homey and hot in my crockpot tomorrow.

Also, I may or may not have gotten in a car accident with my neighbor’s car while moving it to switch spots in our lovely tandem parking situation (to my defense, it was not my fault and I live on a shitty busy city street). So I  need to make something in my new stand mixer that says  “I’M SO SORRY SOME IDIOT HIT YOUR CAR WHILE I MOVED IT 10 FEET DOWN THE ROAD! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” so I can bring them upstairs with me when I bring the filled out police report…

Thoughts? Ideas? Recipes? Let me know! I need some cheering up in my kitchen tomorrow to forget about this silly accident 🙂


2 thoughts on “My deepest apologies

  1. make chicken curry!! Yum. That’s random. Also, love the all caps sentences. They make me crack up 🙂 don’t stress about the car. Shit happens, you’ll laugh about it later. (I’m laughing about it now!)

    • ha thanks luxie…I’ll laugh about it soon. Probably not until after I find out how much $$$$ the damage was. BUT I WILL PUT CHICKEN CURRY ON THE LIST (i hope you liked the caps). I also had a dream you came home for new years eve ONLY last night…I skyped you and saw that it was night time and I found out that you hadn’t told me you came home and I iwas so upset hahaha

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